Canadian Magazine Market Share Continues To Increase

What market share percentage do you think Canadian English language titles represent in the Canadian Retail marketplace?

Many people would assume that due to the prevalence of American and International publications at retail that the number would be less than 10%…well the reality is that those people would be wrong.

Since 2000, the market share percentage for Canadian publications has grown consistently from less than 10% in 2000 to almost 19% at the end of 2017 as per below.

o Prior to the year 2000 this number was less than 10%.
o 2009 was 13.2%.
o 2011 was 16%.
o 2016 was 17%.
o 2017 was 18.8%.

What this illustrates is the vibrancy, strength and creativity of Canadian publishers in investing in new ideas and new publications to serve the Canadian consumer.

Canadian market share of print magazines increases - infographic

One thought on “Canadian Magazine Market Share Continues To Increase

  1. Way to go team Canada!
    Thanks to the hard working publishers and their team to bring quality content in their magazines. And also special thanks to Magazines Canada and Heritage Canada for their support to promotional initiatives at retail so that Canadian magazines can valiantly compete against foreign press empires.

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